Monday, June 6

Drawing & Applied Arts Degree Show

This week I have been preparing for my final year degree show; we have been painting walls, putting up shelves and cleaning the floors. It is now looking really good, everyones work looks amazing and so interesting seeing everyones work in the gallery, what a variety of styles we have. 

If you want to come along and see my book in the flesh and to pick up some free limited addition stickers; here are the details. 

University of the west of England, Bower Ashton Campus, Kennel Lodge Bristol. 

Opening times:

Saturday 11 June: 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday 12 June: 10:00 - 16:00
Monday 13 - Thursday 16 June: 10:00 - 20:00

Free entry 

To see more more information click on this link.

Tuesday, May 31

Final Book now on sale on Blurb

Blurb book

Front cover visual.

Double page spread of Auntie Betty and Rufus

Click on this link Blurb book if you would like to see more or if you would like buy a copy 

Sunday, May 8

Macmillan Entry 'Sneaky Peak'

This mock book contains some full colour completed illustrations and some sketches as I felt it was important to include both stages so Macmillan could see my progress though out.  I have used a spiral bound for the competition to make the pages open flat to enable easy viewing of the double page illustrations and demonstrating the flow of the storyline even more.

By using acrylic textured paper for my illustrations gives the book a tactile texture on a 2D surface. I mainly use watercolour and pen for the background and outline, then by using both pencils and colour pencils to emphasise key areas enabling the grain of the paper to come through. 

Below is some of the original illustrations with clear overlays to show where the text will sit on the double page spreads. This was sent  off in my portfolio. 

The Finish book will be exhibited at the Drawing & Applied Arts Degree Show at Bower Ashton Campus in Bristol, on the 10th June 2011.

 For more information about the book or prints please feel free to contact me through this blog or  email

Monday, April 18

Baby Shower Illustration

At weekend I went to celebrate my gorgeous friend Kerry Hayes baby shower.  Gifts for this sort of thing I always get stuck on, so I thought a personal illustration for their soon to be baby girl would perfect.

Illustration  4 x 7 inches, on acrylic textured paper with watercolour pencils.
Presented in a fancy white frame.

Thursday, April 14


Apologies for the my attention to my blog, I've been non stop illustrating my childrens picture book for my final project, but for a break last weekend my family and I went on a short 4-day trip to Marrakesh.

Leather Tannier

Just before the trip with some of my savings I invested in digital SLR as I’ve wanted one for a while now and this trip seemed the prefect opportunity to buy one. Here a few of my favourite photos from the trip.

It is one of the most colourful and beautiful places I have ever been, with all the spices, fabrics and leather. 

Friday, March 25

School Workshops

Last week I visited City Academy in Bristol working with year 7 & 8 students on their enrichment day.  I found this day most rewarding, as working with children is always exciting and fun filled.

The first workshop was creating tiled murals for their sports hall with the theme 2012 Olympic Figures.  The materials used where wood tiles and acrylic paint.

The afternoon workshop was Willow Garden Figures where groups of the students were creating Olympic figures to be placed around their pond area. The workshop was very labor intensive but I was certainly impressed by the patience and ability of all students. The completed figures are brilliant!!

Wednesday, March 23

Story Board

As you may of may not know, I’m currently completing my third and final year project where I am creating a children’s picture book, that I’m illustrating and producing myself.  

My theme is how dogs look like their owners, humor is always important in my work and I hope my story will convey this.

Recently I have blogged my two main characters Fergus and Rufus, the young boy and dog (some say twins?!?)

I have written the story and now working on completing all of the double page spreads. Once the book is complete I will be entering it in for the Macmillan Prize for children’s book illustrations.   
So fingers crossed. 

Below Is a sketch of page 10 and 11, playing about with were the text will go and scales. This is done all before the final colour goes on. 

Thursday, March 3


Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday, he’s a hard person to buy for as he has everything, so by illustrating him a card makes him happy.

At the moment he has decided to grow a moustache, which I am appalled about. To emphasize this I illustrated a huge moustache on his red, grumpy face.

To understand this fully I think you would need to know his personality, he is a very loving father to me, but he is grumpy and sometimes has a red face.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Monday, February 28

Photography by Belle Thomas

Today I've got a real treat... some brilliant photography of my current sketchbook taken by extremely talented housemate Belle.

These are a few of my favourites... 

..if your interested to see more visit and to see what else she’s been up to click on Belle’s Blog.