Wednesday, July 28

Finished Book

Below is the Finished 3 Books that I made, illustrated and wrote the stories myself. I’m really pleased with the finished outcome as they where a lot of work and stress but the achievement of a piece of work so great to me was worth it. I got 2 marks of a First for the whole project, which I was chuffed with. This gives me no doubt that next year I shall finish my third year which a First. :D

Below is a sneaky peek of a couple of the illustrations and story inside. If you want to see more than just ask. The books themselves are 7inchs high and 6inchs wide quite small but I feel they work well as a trio.

Screen Prints

This one of the illustrations which i took forward into a screen prints.
Printed onto Somerset Satin Printing paper A2 x 10 limited addition.
3 colour Screen Printed. Contemporary Block Colour Finish.

More illustrations on animals in funny situtation

These illustrations are some of the ones that I was most fond of, all done with pen & ink with watercolour on bread & butter paper.

The two illustrations below are two of the three charators which i decided to make a story book out of, below is Beatrix the Bear and below her is The Lemur & The Llama. These charators are the ones which i have taken forward. The blog of the books will follow.

Tuesday, July 27

This is me playing with animals and drawing them in human situations.
I really like the dog image with the dummy around its neck as it brings the
human charactor out.

My very first Blog

Here are some pen & ink drawings finished with watercolour that i drew at a visit to Bristol Zoo. This was to gain observation of the animals at the start of my last project. I then started to listen to peoples comments when observing the animals.

"I never realised Gorilla's liked raspberry yogurts.'

"Will someone tell the Meerkats, its okay know ones coming to get them.'