Tuesday, September 14

The First of Millie Marigold

Currently I’ve been creating characters and one of them is Millie Marigold a 5-year-old girl with strawberry blonde hair. She lives in a Red Roofed House on the edge of the forest. I’ve still got to think of the stories I want to tell. I’ve been working in a nursery this summer, which has given me a great insight as to what kind of book that children love. FUN, RHYTHMS and CHEEKINESS.
For a present to myself this summer I’ve brought a sewing machine, which I been playing about with adding fabric to my illustrations here is Millie with her stripy top and frilly skirt on.

And here is Millies House with the fabric colourful tree tops

Jack Russell

At the beginning of my summer holidays I saw an advert for a commission job of a children’s storybook on a Jack Russell. I sent off 8 full coloured illustrators of the Jack Russell and one with his family. I spent a lot of my time researching Jack Russell and watching and observing my own dogs. Also thinking of the character they wanted from this cheeky chap.
After a long wait I received a long letter in the post saying this time it was a no but I was in the some of the final conservation for the final 4. With lots more encouraging thoughts that I do have something I should stick at. I was disappointed but I couldn’t expect too much as it was my first commission I had tried for and with such a hopefully, personal and uplifting letter it hasn’t down hearted me and if anything wanted to try again.