Monday, February 28

Photography by Belle Thomas

Today I've got a real treat... some brilliant photography of my current sketchbook taken by extremely talented housemate Belle.

These are a few of my favourites... 

..if your interested to see more visit and to see what else she’s been up to click on Belle’s Blog.

Sunday, February 27

Todays Handy Work

Fergus and Rufus 

Sketchbook Drawings

Yesterday a good friend of mine Rhi Vaughan came over and we spent 8 hours sat on the sofa watching films and drawings.  Here are some of the out comes.  

 I’ve used some the photos and sketches from the last blog to draw in more detail.

Thursday, February 24

Sketchbook Research

At the weekend I took a visit home to Reading. I used this trip to do some research for my current book I’m illustrating, I took two sketchbooks one I filled with drawings of children and the other dogs the Briard breed.

It was a successful trip and I’ve gained lots of pictures and sketches.

Monday, February 14

Current Exhibition

As we speak three of my illustrations are being exhibited at Bristol, South Bank Centre in Bedminster until Friday the 18th of February. 

The exhibition is being held to raise funds for Drawing & Applied Art Degree Show in July.  There is a variety of artist from the course, from photography to painting to etching.  Worth a look for more information contact me.

Heres my three illustrations I put up. There from my last project of working with putting animals in humorous situations. The two on the left are illustrations done in watercolour and ink.  The illustration on the right is a silkscreen print 1 of 8. 

Saturday, February 12

Katy's Invitation Samples

Today I've spend my day designing invitations for a very good friend of mine, Katy. She wanted me to design invitations with the party feel of drinks, cakes, balloons and dancing. I started of sketching them all together but it was too much. Simplistic would work better I felt. 

Here are the final 2 designs I sent to her. Still waiting for a reply so I'll have to wait and see what the out come will be. But I'll let you know. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, February 10

Wednesday, February 9

Teaparty Invitation

I’m back! I know it’s been a while since the last blog but January was abit of a mad month for myself with assessments and essays, final year and all.
Yesterday I came across my 21st tea party invitations. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t blogged them, so here it is. At the moment I’m designing an invitation for a good friend. Should be done by the weekend.

Tell me what you think!